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Because as far as we are concerned, the standard is just a starting point. (To adapt ourselves to your requirements)
Because being honest, transparent, correct and prompt is part of our DNA.
Because we guide you step by step, from the raw material to the finished product. From the water to the beer, passing through the batch.
Because experience, innovation and results are our watchwords. And yours, too.

About us

Impiantinox has followed the development of breweries and microbreweries in Italy and abroad since the year 2000. In 2007 it introduced the Easybräu brand , a brand synonymous with strict standards, innovative systems and top technology, reliability and user friendliness. The brand offers brewers the chance to fully concentrate on their jobs and the passion they pour into their work, and to brew a proudly personal and unique beer tied to the natural characteristics peculiar to the region where it is made. That is because deep down all brewers are poets who continue to reinvent their little big worlds. One sip at a time.

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Why choose us?

  • Trustworthiness

    Our customers always come back, not only for a new system, but also for expansions or simple updates. We build long-lasting relationships with them, actual marriages based on cordiality, trust and a sharing of knowledge, enthusiasm and goals. Because there is a profound difference between being suppliers and being partners.
  • Commitment

    We take your needs to heart because we share your objectives. We put our entire experience, dedication and enthusiasm on the line in order to always offer you the best in terms of quality and technology. Just like you. On a daily basis.
  • Satisfaction

    "A satisfied customer is a loyal customer", as the saying goes. It is a statement whose truth we see established every day. Tackling a problem and solving it to achieve excellence together with you: these are the keys to our success, and to your success.


We called it Easybräu Academy, but we designed it like a workshop where step by step, under the guidance of our brewers, people learn how to make perfect beer amidst automation, "batches" and recipes while observing the traditions of the regions and improving it with the help of technology. At Easybräu Academy people learn how to manage the production systems, run a brewery or microbrewery in the best way possible, and compose the finest recipes to satisfy the palates of connoisseurs and enthusiasts.
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